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Credits and Partners

The Huron-Wendat Museum is grateful to the Department of Canadian Heritage for its financial investment in the creation of this on-line presentation as part of the Virtual Museum of Canada.

This virtual exhibit was produced by the Huron-Wendat Museum in partnership with Hamon-Bienvenue Multimedia and Internet.

Project Management and Production Team

Huron-Wendat Museum

  • Anne Bérubé: Director general of the Huron-Wendat Museum, administrative head of project
    Danny Robertson: Project head, research and writing
  • Linda Sioui: Research and writing
  • Ellen Dubé: Revision and corrections
  • Anne Bérubé: Project manager, revision and corrections
  • David Cardey: Revision and translation
  • Jean-Louis Régis: Photographer
  • Christiane Vincent: Illustrations
  • Shendaèhwas Nathalie Picard: Wendat language narrator, Project Yawenda, research and translation of vocabulary into Wendat
  • Megan Lukaniec: Project Yawenda, research and translation of vocabulary into Wendat

Writing, Pre-production, Translation and Multimedia Production


  • Luc Bienvenue
  • Pierre Hamon
  • Julie Munn

We would like to thank our partners

  • Huron-Wendat Training Centre for the Development of Manpower (CDFM)
  • Huron-Wendat Nation Council
  • First Nations Education Council
  • Ts8taïe Elementary School
  • Native Museum of Mashteuiatsh
  • Museum of Ontario Archaeology
  • Ellen Dubé
  • Teharihulen Michel Savard