Trade activity




Yiheh! Welcome!

You are just in time! In a few moments, the speeches and renewals of alliances are going to begin. You will see the chiefs of several nations in ceremonial dress displaying their skills as orators. The trading will only begin two days from now, but don't worry, you won't have time to be bored! Feasts, games and dances are also on the program during your visit here.

What? This is your first trading voyage? I know how you must feel. There are so many things to see at a trade gathering. You could take advantage of your visit to learn more about the groups that come to trade here. In this region of Canada, in the north-east of North America, there are many nations. Based on their language, they are divided into two groups: the Iroquoians and the Algonquians.

To successfully complete your trading expedition, there are a number of things you will need to know: the trade routes, the nations with which you can trade, the places and times that the trade gatherings are held, and the rituals that take place before trading. Do you feel that this is a lot of information to memorize? Don't worry, you will catch on quickly.

Trading has been done this way for a long time in North America, but things have changed since the foreigners arrived in their huge ships. They have brought things that have never been seen here before, and they have also changed the way trading is done. You will find this out soon enough when you deal with them.

Well! I talk and talk! But you know what they say, doing is the best way of learning. So go ahead and walk around; there are many interesting things to discover. You must excuse me now, I have to go and join my group to listen to the speeches. Happy exploring! Önenh!